Has it really been almost 2 months?

So, I went AFK for about 2 months.  I have been busy with work, school, and sort of trying to to ignore the GW2 hype.  If I think about it less maybe time will pass quicker.  I am still hyped, the wife is still hyped, and other then Pokemon cards there is nothing else my 8 year old son wants to talk more about with me.  I also needed some time to get the guild organized and headed in the right place.  Mostly it was figuring the server, I have never had to pick a server for a guild to start on.  That is a pretty scary and daunting task.

Through the betas I was able to figure out what classes and races that I will be playing.

My main will be a male Human Necromancer.   This is the character that I will play when I play with my wife. I did not play the Necro during the betas, because I want to save it for live.  I played a Necro as my main in GW1, and I have no doubt I will like playing it in GW2.

My second main will be a male Charr Engineer.  This will the character that I play with my wife and son.  I did play the Engineer to about level 5 in the betas.  I have always loved turrets in all games.  In GW1 I enjoyed the Ritualist a lot, and its spirits are essentially turrets.

My third main will be a female Sylvari Mesmer.  This is the character that I will play solo and in WvW.  I did not expect to like either the Sylvari or the  mesmer.  However, in BWE 3 I fell in love with both.  I came very close to making the Mesmer my overall main, but I think it will work better like this.

My fourth character will be a male Human Guardian.  I am making this one to reserve the name and to get him birthday presents if Anet includes those in this game.  The Guardian is another class that I did not expect to like, but found to be much better and different then expected.  While this may sound weird the Guardian also fits my character.  This name was also used for my GW1 warrior and LOTRO captain.  So he kind of needs heavy armor.

My fifth character is going to be a male Asura ranger or warrior.  I haven’t decided which class yet because I found both to be good.  Anet made the classes so good that it is very hard for me to decide which ones that I like.  In fact I haven’t found one that I dislike yet.  I didn’t even expect to like the Asura, but their rolling, jumping, and running won me over.

My guild (Khazad Fundinul) will be playing on the Tarnished Coast server.  It is the unofficial RP server.  While we are not RPers for the most part, we do appreciate the mature community that often goes with RPing.  Since we are mostly over 30 years of age, we like to have that mature adult type of community that respects other people.

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2 thoughts on “Has it really been almost 2 months?

  1. It is ok. Real life happens even to the best of us. *blushes and hold up the didn’t post for a week banner*
    What was your favorite skill when you played the necro? I didn’t get to play it much during the betas?

    • I haven’t actually played the Necro yet. I am saving it for when the game goes live. I am 99% sure that I will enjoy the class, and didn’t want to spoil any to much with the betas. I also didn’t do any of the private story stuff yet.

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