BWE goodness

Anet has released some BWE changes in the form of a blog.  There are 13 different changes or additions that they tell us about in their blog.  A few of them jumped out to me.

Improved Overflow Servers

We listened to a lot of the input we received from players regarding their experience with overflow servers in the first Beta Weekend Event, and we’ve implemented a new party UI that tells you when party members are on a different overflow world. We’ve also given party members the ability to fast travel to overflow worlds where other members of their party are located, and we’ve made it easier to keep party members together when moving between maps. It’s all designed to give you as smooth an experience as possible.

This one is huge for me since I will generally be playing with my wife, son, and guild mates.  I like the opportunity to be able to map to the same location as those that I am grouping with.  This will add a lot to the feel of community.

Unlock the Mysteries of the Mystic Forge

On a less dangerous note, the Mystic Forge has arrived in Lion’s Arch. This strange forge actually holds the imprisoned djinn Zommoros, who hails from distant Elona. If you offer the Mystic Forge gifts (like unneeded items and weapons), you will receive a gift in return. Got a pair of pistols that you don’t need? Drop them in the Mystic Forge and see what Zommoros gives you in exchange!

Ok, I am curious about this.  Can I keep trading items until I get something like?  If I trade pistols and get a sword can I trade that sword for something else?  This seems like a really fun way mess with junk loot.  Also is there the opportunity to get something really great or will this all be basic items?  I will have to see how this thing works.

Expanded World vs. World

Once again, the Mists will echo with the sound of combat as we open up World vs. World for the weekend. As usual, massive armies of players from different servers will battle for supremacy on four huge maps, but this time we’ve added a couple of interesting new twists.

Players can now take their WvW battle underground in a new “mini dungeon” beneath the central map. This brand-new subterranean level is full of tricks and traps that can be used against enemy players, and is home to the aptly named Dark Room, which players will have to see (or not) to believe.

We’ve also added skill challenges, dynamic events, and even jump puzzles to the WvW maps. Why are these PvE elements being integrated into WvW gameplay? “We want to make the transition from PvE to World vs. World easy and natural for players,” says developer Matt Witter. “We always wanted additional meaningful content on the WvW maps so that players will always have something to do, even if the frontline of battle is far away.”

I am not usually into PvP, but WvW looks like so much fun.  I am going to have to go into WvW to see how good it is.  Anet is cramming a lot into the WvW arena.  I think this could be the defining section of GW2.

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One thought on “BWE goodness

  1. I am looking forward to the lottery aspect of the forge myself. To me it seems like a great way to end a play session. Salvage, rearrange, drop odds and ins to get random items. Planning on chunking a bit of loot in there this weekend!

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