Hard to go back

A few days ago I redownloaded LOTRO thinking I might give it another go.  I subscribed for about 3 years, but stopped soon after free to play started.  I did try the free to play for a short time, but something about the game just didn’t appeal to me anymore.

I logged into the game, and saw I was outside of my house.  I tried to go in, but quickly realized I was locked out.  Thinking nothing of it, I figured I would just pay the maintenance and then go in.  I totally had forgotten that after you are away for awhile, there is a very steep price to unlock a house.  My fees are about 6 gold 900 silver.  The house originally cost me 7 gold 700 silver.

All my legendaries have changed so I need to reallocate the points on my weapons.  I have done that so many times, and really don’t feel like doing it again.  I wish there were decent non legendary weapons for higher level characters so I don’t have to deal with that again.

Lastly, my inventory is full so I figured I would sell some stuff to help pay for my house.  Again, I had forgotten that non subscribers only get 5 slots in the auction house and you have to pay real money to get more slots in a fake auction house.

Turbine is not making it easy for me to want to go back to their game.  It is hard enough to have to relearn everything, but there are a lot of hindrances keeping me from jumping back in.  I guess I am sort of remembering some of the things that made me leave, and maybe it is just an example of the old saying that you can’t go back home again.

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