Going to try this blogging thing

A little about my background

Hello, my name is Waldemar and I am a gamer.  Well, Waldemar is sort of my gamer name, but it is usually shortened to Wald.  My earliest memory of video games is Ice Flow for the Atari.  I might have been around 3 years old then.  When I was about 7 my parents bought a NES and I was hooked.  Later I moved into computer games, and that is mostly what I play to this day.

I used to play only strategy games, but a little over 10 years ago I got married.  I know most of you are thinking, “There went his gaming time.”  However, my wife is also a gamer, so through her my game interests changed.  She likes RPG, and I tried them to make her happy.  I found they were a lot better then I expected.  The only problem is most RPGs are single player, so we were able to be together but not able to play at the same time.  Then we saw an ad for Guild Wars in Game Informer.  This was an RPG that we could play together, and we did for about 3 years.  After that we moved to Lord of the Rings: Online for about 4 years.  Now we are both eagerly awaiting Guild Wars 2.  The great thing this time, is that our son who was born weeks after GW’s release will be getting an account too.

My wife and I have 4 sons, so there isn’t always a lot of time for gaming these days, but we try to make the most of what we get.

The direction of this blog

I will mostly write about GW2 from my perspective.  As the name of the blog might imply, I like to wander a lot while I play.  I don’t focus on just getting things done.  I like to explore and see different things.  I will end up blogging a lot about things I see in game.  Especially things that go well with a screenshot.

I am the guild leader of Kinda Fearsome the GW2 branch of the guild I have been in for almost 5 years.  I might blog about my guild’s events, and how GW2 supports guilds.

I also will throw in some stuff about various hobbies that I have.  I try to teach my sons different things than video games.  We hike, camp, and I plan to take up model rockets soon.  If I need something to say here I might go with that stuff.  Mostly I just want to have fun and hope that I can fit a niche in the gamer blog world that people will enjoy.


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4 thoughts on “Going to try this blogging thing

  1. Great start, Wald! I look forward to reading more.

    Tell me, how did you get so lucky to find a gaming wife who would help you raise gaming children? haha. Roll of the proverbial RPG dice or calculated Strategy game strategy?

    • More of the RPG dice to be honest. 2 military brats happen to end up in the the same place, end up in the same church/small private school, I break her brothers leg playing football and become friends. The list goes on and on. All I know is I got a good one.

      • Aw, that’s a sweet story! It’s a good one to hear though. Oh and welcome to WordPress.

  2. That’s awesome! Ironically I’m a gaming wife who’s husband doesn’t game. Oh the stars! Great start to the blog and I look forward to more. 🙂

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