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What class to play during the 2nd BWE?

I am facing a dilemma.  I refuse to play the Necromancer and Engineer during the beta weekends since those are going to be my main classes once the game goes live.  I will be playing the Necro as my main when I play with my wife.  I will be playing the Engineer when my wife and I play with our oldest son.  However, if the game comes out in the next few months I will have quite a bit of time to play solo, and for that I need a third character.

I am thinking of reusing a name I first used in GW1 for my warrior, and then used as a captain in LOTRO.  In GW he was my 2nd character, and LOTRO my main.  He has always been a melee, heavy armor wearer.  So it seems weird putting him in anything other then heavy armor.  Yes I know that is odd and sort of geeky.  I am writing a blog about MMOs after all.  I want to use the BWEs to help find bugs, and also to find what class I am going to use for my 3rd character.

In the first BWE, I had very limited internet access.  I did play the Guardian a little.  I came to the Guardian thinking I wouldn’t like it based on my dislike of the LOTRO Guardian.  I found the GW2 Guardian wasn’t bad to play.  It does more damage then I expected and did some nice buffs and such.  I just am not sure if I want to play a class like this.  There is something that just doesn’t work for me, but I can’t put my finger on it.

I might try the warrior.  The combination of ranged weapons in the Rifle and Bow with the melee weapons is very appealing.  It does fit my characters history of being a warrior and captain.  I just wonder if I am gravitation to this class to fit that history.

The Ranger also interests me.  It seems like the ranger is pretty durable and if built correctly can go toe to toe in melee range.  I like the idea of having a pet, but pets in MMOs usually seem to be pretty dumb with many pathing issues.

I also like the Mesmer and the illusions.  However, I had bad memories of the “armor” that mesmers had in GW1.  I don’t want to go around fighting monsters while dressed like I should be in a play.

I have no interest in the Elementalist or the Thief.

So I have 4 classes to choose from, and I have only a little time to try them out.  From what I have read in blogs and from postings in my guilds forums it seems like every class is fun.  Almost everybody seems like they play a class only for the BWE, but they find it is so good that they end up with more questions as to what they will play when the game goes live.  That is a testament to the work that Anet has put into GW2.  However, it has me confused and wondering what to play for the BWE.

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Beta Weekend June 8th-10th

Anet has announced that the next BWE will start at noon PST on the 8th of June.

Existing Beta characters have not been deleted, so those that have played deep into the game will have the opportunity to try out the  Ascalonian Catacombs dungeon.

What I liked most in their announcement was this paragraph.

We have listened intently to all of your feedback from our first Beta Weekend Event, and we’ve made great strides toward resolving many of the issues you’ve helped us identify. These include party movement into overflow servers, chat functionality, key bindings, server stability, performance, and many more that we will detail in the near future.

Considering I plan to play almost exclusively with my wife and son the party movement is a big deal.  I don’t mind the idea of overflow servers so long as my whole group gets put in the same overflow.  I will also be interested to see what they have added for chat functionality.  There where only a few chat channels available during the first BWE, and it left a lot to be desired.

Right now I am very excited and am counting down the days already.

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Hard to go back

A few days ago I redownloaded LOTRO thinking I might give it another go.  I subscribed for about 3 years, but stopped soon after free to play started.  I did try the free to play for a short time, but something about the game just didn’t appeal to me anymore.

I logged into the game, and saw I was outside of my house.  I tried to go in, but quickly realized I was locked out.  Thinking nothing of it, I figured I would just pay the maintenance and then go in.  I totally had forgotten that after you are away for awhile, there is a very steep price to unlock a house.  My fees are about 6 gold 900 silver.  The house originally cost me 7 gold 700 silver.

All my legendaries have changed so I need to reallocate the points on my weapons.  I have done that so many times, and really don’t feel like doing it again.  I wish there were decent non legendary weapons for higher level characters so I don’t have to deal with that again.

Lastly, my inventory is full so I figured I would sell some stuff to help pay for my house.  Again, I had forgotten that non subscribers only get 5 slots in the auction house and you have to pay real money to get more slots in a fake auction house.

Turbine is not making it easy for me to want to go back to their game.  It is hard enough to have to relearn everything, but there are a lot of hindrances keeping me from jumping back in.  I guess I am sort of remembering some of the things that made me leave, and maybe it is just an example of the old saying that you can’t go back home again.

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Going to try this blogging thing

A little about my background

Hello, my name is Waldemar and I am a gamer.  Well, Waldemar is sort of my gamer name, but it is usually shortened to Wald.  My earliest memory of video games is Ice Flow for the Atari.  I might have been around 3 years old then.  When I was about 7 my parents bought a NES and I was hooked.  Later I moved into computer games, and that is mostly what I play to this day.

I used to play only strategy games, but a little over 10 years ago I got married.  I know most of you are thinking, “There went his gaming time.”  However, my wife is also a gamer, so through her my game interests changed.  She likes RPG, and I tried them to make her happy.  I found they were a lot better then I expected.  The only problem is most RPGs are single player, so we were able to be together but not able to play at the same time.  Then we saw an ad for Guild Wars in Game Informer.  This was an RPG that we could play together, and we did for about 3 years.  After that we moved to Lord of the Rings: Online for about 4 years.  Now we are both eagerly awaiting Guild Wars 2.  The great thing this time, is that our son who was born weeks after GW’s release will be getting an account too.

My wife and I have 4 sons, so there isn’t always a lot of time for gaming these days, but we try to make the most of what we get.

The direction of this blog

I will mostly write about GW2 from my perspective.  As the name of the blog might imply, I like to wander a lot while I play.  I don’t focus on just getting things done.  I like to explore and see different things.  I will end up blogging a lot about things I see in game.  Especially things that go well with a screenshot.

I am the guild leader of Kinda Fearsome the GW2 branch of the guild I have been in for almost 5 years.  I might blog about my guild’s events, and how GW2 supports guilds.

I also will throw in some stuff about various hobbies that I have.  I try to teach my sons different things than video games.  We hike, camp, and I plan to take up model rockets soon.  If I need something to say here I might go with that stuff.  Mostly I just want to have fun and hope that I can fit a niche in the gamer blog world that people will enjoy.


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